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Haylou LS02 IP68 Water Protection Bluetooth 5.0 Smart Watch

Screen: 1.4 inch IPS screen with 320 by 320 pixels
Sensor: Heart-rate monitor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer
IP standart: IP68 waterproof
Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery: 260mAh
Standby time: up to 20 days
Size: 48 x 36 x 11.5 mm
Weight: 38g

৳ 2,150.00 ৳ 2,500.00

The Haylou LS02 comes in a rectangular box in a combination of gray and blue.


Inside the box, you will find a smartwatch itself with a black silicone strap and a protective film on the device screen. Also included are instructions and a magnetic charging cable.


The appearance of the two generations has remained almost unchanged, except for the front.


Here you can see that the new generation has received a smaller frame around the screen. This is not surprising since the Haylou LS02 has a 1.4 inches screen, while the previous generation used a 1.3 inches screen.

It is also worth noting that the quality of the screen has grown slightly. For example, the screen brightness has become higher and in sunny and bright weather it will be much more comfortable for your eyes to look at the screen.


Also, the resolution has become larger, the LS02 smartwatch received 320 x 320 pixels, while the previous generation had only 240 x 240 pixels.


As for the build quality, the new generation smartwatch is almost indistinguishable from its predecessor. For example, the same materials are used here and it is matte black plastic.


They remained practically unchanged in size. But the weight of the smartwatch has become a little more by a couple of grams, namely 38 grams. But in real life, you won’t feel a big difference in weight.


You could wear the watch all day and not feel any discomfort. Even while you sleep, you won’t have much trouble.

It is also worth noting that the silicone strap is very pleasant to the touch. The strap is removable and you can install any other strap by ordering it on the Internet or buying it in your city in a watch store. The strap width is 20 mm and the strap from the first generation will not fit since its width is larger – 22 mm.


Like the first generation of smartwatches, Haylou LS02 received IP68 water protection. Yes, you can swim or shower with your watch without any problems, but remember that this protection is still not 5ATM.

Functions and application

The first thing you will encounter when you turn on for the first time is the activation of the Haylou LS02 smartwatch. Like most smartwatches, you will see a QR code and after scanning you will be able to activate the device with all the functions and features.


The main screen displays a lot of useful information. For example, time, date, battery level, weather, steps, calories, and distance.

It is worth noting that the LS02 smartwatch only received 5 different watch faces. These are three analog options and two digital ones. Unfortunately, there is no way to install more and this is a small drawback for most inexpensive smartwatches.


If you swipe to the right, you get into the daily activity widget, another swipe – shows the heart rate widget, then sleep analysis, weather, and breathing training widget.


To get to the main menu of smartwatches, you need to swipe down. Here you will see features like status, heart rate, sport modes, weather, notifications, sleep, music player, more and settings.

The main differences between the two generations are the presence of 12 sports modes instead of 9, as well as the presence of music player control. Other features remain unchanged.

But it should also be said that the wireless connection has become an order of magnitude better thanks to Bluetooth with version 5.0. If you remember, the LS01 smartwatch only had Bluetooth 4.2.


HaylouFit app allows you to analyze your physical activity. Here you will find sections such as steps, distance, notifications, alarm, and more. The application itself is fast and there will no any problems.


A small change in the second generation Haylou LS02 was the battery capacity. It has been increased to 260 mAh from 210 mAh. The manufacturer guarantees more results in battery life than its predecessor.

The battery life on a single charge will be about 20 days. But Iwith actie use and receiving a large number of notifications, the battery life will be about two weeks.

The charging time using the magnetic power adapter is approximately 2 hours.


Haylou LS02 is, first of all, a stylish and inexpensive watch that has a low weight and a comfortable fit on the wrist.

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