Whitening Cream Clobetamil G Malaysia

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7 Days Result 3 in 1 Clobetamil G Skin Soap + Cream Set. (For Pore Minimizing, Acne, Scar, Uneven Face)
•    Skin looks smoother
•    Keep skin clean and smooth
•    Remove wrinkles, brown spots
•    Firming
•    Lighten freckles
•    REMOVES black spots
•    Younger natural Skin.
•    Whitening and brighter skin
How to Use:
Step 1: Wash your mouth with soap and wait for 20min
Step 2: Apply a thin Clobetamil G cream
Step 3 : Then apply cream (white box)
(Use a night cream if you like. Recommended to apply sun block at day time)
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