Mistine White Spa Swiss Gold Serum Body Lotion 200ml

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Mistine white spa swiss gold serum lotion. Tribute skin. Fine gold and nutrients.

Serum lotion concentrated formula. To deal with skin wrinkle problemgiving your skin a bright spot , with values of pure swiss gold. 99. 99%.

Enriched extract of caviar. To deliver intense skin glow like gold and rejuvenation back again gold swiss. Was 99. 99% pure gold.

Considered a precious gold. High purity and very popular so to extract the nutrients your skin with quality skin the best. Keeps skin looking youthful reduce fine lines fade.

And deliver flawless skin glow like gold by nature. With values of 99. 99% pure gold swiss caviar extract combined. To deliver intense skin glow like gold.

Rejuvenation and back again. Swiss gold is 99. 99% pure gold, as gold is considered precious. And high purity.

Therefore, the extraction of the skin with nutrients. Into the skin. Help keep skin looking younger.

Reduce fine lines fade. With flawless skin glowing li...

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