Genius NB Stand 280 Laptop Cooler

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Brand: Genius
Product Code: NB Stand 280
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  • Powerful built-in fan cools your laptop
  • Aluminum case makes cooling more efficient
  • Additional USB port for use with other USB devices
  • Non-slip rubber pads on each side provides a sturdy grip
  • Compatible with 10” to 15” notebooks including wide screen setups
  • Silent notebook cooling solution

Product Update Notice

The Genius NB Stand 280 is a notebook cooling stand designed to help prevent your notebook from overheating during extended use. The aluminum base not only makes heat dissipation more efficient but also adds style to your notebook setup.

A fan draws heat away from the base of the notebook, allowing for better circulation and ventilation under the notebook casing. It’s flat and lightweight design coupled with a cable which easily stores around the fan makes it a neatly packaged notebook cooling solution for workspaces of any size.

The NB Stand 280 features an ergonomic and streamlined design with non-slip rubber pads on each side for a solid grip, as well as an additional USB port for use with another USB device. The Genius NB Stand 280 is the ultimate compact, efficient and stylish cooling solution for your notebook !

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